Wedding preparation update – Sunday 2nd September 2018

Our rings are finally here and they could not be more perfect.

Thank you to Harriet Kelsall bespoke jewlers ( and in particular, Christina, for all the hard work.

Christina had been very honest with us a few weeks ago. The reason they had taken longer than expected was because they had lost Jake’s diamond. They advised that they could have just suck one on there, we would never have known, but they understood the sentimentality of these rings so thankfully they told us.

I must admit, upon opening the box, I wasnt sure if I liked mine or not. It is a lot smaller than my engagement ring and Jake’s wedding ring. Then I realised, I had really been worrying about my ring. Would it fit and would I like it. These are custom rings, we can’t take them back. We buy everything from Amazon so that if we don’t like it, we can exchange it. I was therefore in new territory.

There was also a sudden realisation that I can’t back out now. I think that realisation has been building slowly as things are being booked but this was it. How do you back out of a wedding where you have custom rings made from both your dads wedding rings? That is not to say I want to back out, I think I am just getting my jitters out-of-the-way early like I usually do with things.

Jake immediately loved his and is even thankful that the diamond is not there, it would have changed the look for the worse we think. He kept getting it out the box and looking at it, I tried but just could not get excited about it.

I am really happy to say however that all that has passed. I now look at the rings with pride and could not be more happy. They are both perfect and in essence, they are the same ring. One is just bigger and has a different finish on it

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