Jake’s birthday – Saturday 25th August 2018 and Tuesday 28th August 2018

With my birthday safely out of the way, it was time to start celebrating Jake’s.

I still question the need to buy each other big presents. Our birthdays are only a month apart and it feels to me like we spend all this mony on the other person, only to have it back a month later. Yes we have to celebrate each others birthdays, but a small present to open on the day would be my preference. We both then contribute money to a nice holiday somewhere.

We have tried this in the past but Jake ended up spending just as much on the present as normal plus the holiday so it worked out very expensive.

There is also the do we do anything to celebrate our birthdays or don’t we? Neither of our birthdays were celebrated much last year because of Jake’s leg therefore this year we decided to celebrate properly. And that meant going out clubbing as far as Jake was concerned.

Clubbing was such a big part of his life until a few yeas ago that he sometimes does not feel like he has celebrated events unless there is a club involved.

The Party and club

In our younger days, we both used to club the weekend away and be reasonably productive during the week. The thought of doing that now is not appealing but I think IIMG_20180825_234834 can cope with one night….cant I?

The theme of the club night was construction. We purchased a few things to try to fit in with the theme but all in all, we just wanted to go dressed as we wanted to dress.

Pre-party at our house and we decided to make espresso martini’s for people. It was the first time either of us had tried to make them though we have drunk them plenty. They were a total hit and I will definitely be having them again. With how quickly they were going down, I believe everyone else agreed with me as well.

As usual, we laid on food though as usual, once the drink had started, we forgot to cook a lot of it. We can’t be the only ones that do this. It is difficult to remember to do things in the kitchen when you are having fun. Or do we just buy too much food in the first place?

To try to make things special for Jake, I intended to buy him the same cake I got his for his 30th. He didn’t eat much of that cake and it was amazing. Unfortunately though I  forgot to buy one until the night before. A quick shop in the local Waitrose however gave me a great chocolate cake. Thankfully, I had not spent the money on the more expensive cake, I was the only one that had any. It was amazing to eat over the following week however.

It was a quick mad dash to the cab to the club. Due to a mix up, we had intended to order them for 11pm when in fact it was ASAP, so we left the flat looking like a tip but all looking fabulous.

And what happens in the club stays in the club. Suffice it to say, everyone was very drunk, everyone was having a great time and no-one was dressed in construction, so it was a good job we didn’t either. Home around 6am and it was straight to bed

I am not sure how we used to do the clubbing all weekend. We were obviously a lot younger and a lot more used to it. It took me two full days on the sofa just to get over that one night.

The Recovery

The next stage of his birthday consisted of sitting on the sofa for two days straight. Luckily it was a bank holiday weekend and as his birthday fell on a Tuesday this year, we took that off as well.

The Sunday hurt a lot. The Monday Hurt less but still, the motivation was not there to do anything. By the time Tuesday came we were starting to climb the walls

The present

Jake has always gone above and beyond with my present and meals therefore this year, I decided to do the same thing. Well that was my plan anyway. He has not been happy with his headphones for a long time now. They are Bose and were top of the range a couple of years ago, but they are big, bulky and make your head sweat. So I had planned to get him a newer version of bose headphones, Bose Quietcontrol 30 (https://www.bose.co.uk/en_gb/products/headphones/earphones/quietcontrol-30.html). literally the top af the range of headphones for noise cancelling.

Problem is they had just as many good reviews as bad but as many of the reviews said, there is nothing else like them on the market. So I ordered them. Jake then mentions that he might buy himself some headphones so I have to tell him my plan.

(Update, do not buy these headphones, they are useless. Sound quality is great but it is impossible to make calls with as people can’t hear you on the other end and it keeps cutting out. They were sent back)

The other little present I got him was a cufflinks box…..and he bought one a couple of days before. So another surprise ruined. Stop buying things for yourself people around your birthday. You never know when those hints have hit home.

The Meal

The final present of the day was a meal a The Oxo Tower (https://www.harveynichols.com/restaurant/the-oxo-tower/). He has never been and always says he wanted to. There is a bar, a restaurant and a brassiere. I considered the IMG_20180828_201446restaurant and the brasserie and looked at reviews. And I thought I had decided on the restaurant, but when we turned up, I had actually booked the brasserie. I think this was because I had been told it is a more relaxed environment with great food.

Tables are allocated on a first come, first serve basis and as it was an early booking, we were able to sit on the balcony overlooking the Thames. It is a shame the weather was not slightly warmer but luckily it was not too cold.

Jake’s passion for wine these days gave him the opportunity to choose a nice bottle of red which accompanies the food really well. From my point of view, the food was spectacular. Jake preferred my started but still enjoyed his main. And thankfully, they brought him his dessert with a candle in it and the plate saying happy birthday. They had contacted me a couple of days prior asking what I wanted written on the plate. It is that type of service that I remember and love. It costs nothing to do, but ensures memories.

The trip home was early so we walked to Blackfriars and took te Thames Clipper back to Vauxhall. Perfect was to end a perfect evening.

Unfortunately we didnt take that many photos. Well, unfortunately for the meal, fortunate for the party

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