Capital Ring Walk – August 2017 to August 2018

Last year, with Jake breaking his femur bone and it getting infected, was a very difficult year. Nine operations and weeks at a time in hospital, all our weekends were spent either in hospital or at home in front of the TV. So once he was out of the woods and the recovery was going in the right direction, I felt it was ok to try to do something to get me out of the flat every now and then.

As I have said many times on this blog, walking is a big part of my life it helps clear my head, is great exercise and also, you gt to see some great places. So I discovered the Capital Ring walk ( and decided to give it a go.

This is a 78 mile walk made up of 15 sections, around London. Each section being on average 5.2 miles, I mostly did 2 sections a time, but if they were particularly short, I did 3.

Section 1: Woolwich Foot Tunnel to Falconwood

Section 2: Falconwood to Grove Park

Section 3: Grove Park to Crystal Palace

Section 4: Crystal Palace to Streatham

Section 5: Streatham to Wimbledon Park

Section 6: Wimbledon Park to Richmond Bridge

Section 7: Richmond Bridge to Osterley Lock

Section 8: Osterley Lock to Greenford

Section 9: Greenford to South Kenton

Section 10: South Kenton to Hendon

Section 11: Hendon to Highgate

Section 12: Highgate to Stoke Newington

Section 13: Stoke Newington to Hackney Wick

Section 14: Hackney Wick to Beckton District Park

Section 15: Beckton District Park to Woolwich

You can do the sections in any order you like but Richmond Bridge being the closest, I decided to start there.

Doing this walk I have been through some amazing places. Richmond stands out as one of my favourite, The area near Stoke Newington is another and Wimbledon also. A lot of the walk in sections 7 to 15 is by water. Walking along canals is so relaxing and with my headphones on, I would get lost in the beauty of London.

I saw many of London iconic landmarks. Wembley stadium, the Olympic stadium, Crystal Palace telephone tower, etc but i have also seen some total dives. Some places that I was not sure I should be walking through

The final two sections that I did, Steatham to Richmond Bridge, were mostly made up of parks which made them great walks to do.

Now that this has been completed, I intend to move on to The London Outer Orbital Path (Loop) which is 150 miles broken into 24 sections. Hopefully this is something Jake and I can do together this time.

A selection of photos from my walks are below (in no particular order)

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