Wedding update – (Saturday 11th August 2019)

Organising what is in effect three separate weddings is starting to get very time-consuming and expensive.

The actual ceremony and honeymoon, in Hawaii, just the two of us is coming along nicely. All accommodation on Maui and Kauai is now booked as well as flights to and from LA and between the islands. So the core, important details are sorted.

We moved our attention to the reception in Brighton. Why do all venues that advertise wedding receptions believe that it has to be fancy to get anyone. Where is the rusticness, where is the originality. Neither Jake or I are fancy people. We like simplicity but finding a venue in Brighton that fits this and is big enough for the people we want to invite is proving difficult.

Not living in Brighton has also been problematic. We can’t just pop in to take a look, so on Saturday we got on the train and went to see some venues.

There were four to look at.

The first ( had a great outside space and I am sure we could have made this place work. The staff were really attentive in my emails as well but unfortunately it was quite a way outside Brighton.

Then it was which was right down on the beach front. This was a great location and great space, problem with this place was that the food just was not exciting. Such a shame because it would have been perfect otherwise. This place continues to be in my mind.

( sounded great on the website but I was not sure with the 360 degree walk through online that I found. We then say that the room could not hold the number of people that we wanted therefore this was out as well.

Then there was ( which we had discounted because we dint think they could hold everyone that we wanted but we decided to go anyway and we were glad we did. It is a quirky pub, perfect for us. We are hiring all the rooms on the upper floor and having disco, quiet area and chill out area. The food menu is fantastic and just what we are looking for. Only problem is it will come in over budget. Well everything else for this wedding has come in over budget so whats one more thing.

Deposit paid, now we just have to wait till closer to the time and go revisit. They are being refurbished so we will want to make sure it is as quirky before the big day. They promise us it will be.

Now we need to move on to organising the second reception in Cape Town. That’s going to be more problematic because of the time of year!!!

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