Charity Walk – (Saturday 28th July 2018)

Throughout the blogs so far, and anyone that knows me,it is easy to see that I enjoy walking. I have almost completed the Capital Ring Walk ( which is a 78 mile walk around London. I have done it in stages of around 14 miles each. I also walk home from work quite often, which is 4.4 miles and used to organise walks with friends out in the country. Oh and recently I have begun combining walks with pub crawls.

Walking for me is a good way to clear my head and catch up with podcasts if I am doing it alone. If I am joined by others, then it is a good opportunity to catch up properly.

When a friend asked Jake and I to join their 14 mile sponsored walk, I jumped at the chance. Teddington to Wandsworth along the Thames. Great idea and great route. My only concern was the sponsored element of it.

I hate fundraising. I have always wanted to do things for charity however most of the people they are looking for are to assist with fund-raising, so to ask people to sponsor me to do this wallk, I had reservations. Also, the fact that I easily walk 14 miles just for fun, it was preferential to donate myself than ask for money.

Big shout out to my friends who organised it and raised £3k for a cancer charity.

Teddington has a special place in our hearts as it is where we want to live when we buy. Walking through the town again, I couldn’t stop singing its praises to everyone. Unfortunately Jake could not join us because his leg was playing up and we had a big weekend the following weekend.

What was interesting was the varying age groups that were doing this and their dedication. Our friends parents had flown over from Ireland for it. I would estimate there were 15 – 20 people who started off. Some people stopped halfway to help set up refreshments for afterwards but the rest finished the walk. It was a little slow at times and some people really struggled. There was definitely segregation between those that can and those that can’t but everyone was determined and the half time pint either made or broke people.

The refreshments at the end were a welcome sight and for me, it felt great to not be leading the group, figuratively anyway since I was at the front most of the time.

The other thing you find while walking around is that there are some really weird people in London. One house had a full-sized plastic cow on the balcony and another had a full sized storm trooper………

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