Club Briefs – (Wednesday 25th July 2018)

Last year for my birthday I think I started a new tradition. Buying tickets for a show at the underbelly for Jake and I. Last year was an introduction for Jake to the show Briefs which was actually showing on my birthday. This year, day before my birthday, Club Briefs.

The crew behind it all are and they tour the world having the most fun I have ever seen a traveling act have. This does not look like work for them and I only wish I could be as happy in my job as they appear to be.

Not knowing what the difference between Briefs and Club Briefs was, we went into the show a little perplexed. The description announced it as where Briefs started with an immersive show…….WTF.

Well we were not disappointed. The central drag queen was just as fabulous as always and we found out from her that the difference in the show is that originally, Club Briefs was a place for weird and wonderful people to have a safe space to showcase their talents. then everyone has a dance after.

The first act was a regular young hot thing and was completely naked while solving numberous rubik’s cubes. Lets just say they know their audience.

There were a couple of new acts who did look nervous but performed well and I wonder whether they were on audition since they didn’t have the others relaxed demeanour.

My only gripe with this show is that it is only on for about 1.5 hours. Take a break people then come back after the interval PLEASE!!!!!

Jake and I also did very well in not drinking too much while there. Recently it seems like we spend a lot of money on shows and I have foggy memory of them. Whats good to know is that with the right show, we still had the same amount of energy even though we were sober.

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