My Birthday – (Thursday 26th July 2018)

I sometimes work my birthday and sometimes don’t. Jake is sometimes here and sometimes not. As he was, we both took the day off.

It was a beautiful day so after a lie in we headed to Battersea Park for a picnic and relax. We definitely had a lot more food than we would usually eat on a Thursday lunch but hey, it’s my birthday.

I did attempt to sit in the sun and bronze a little however after about 30 minutes I had to

move to the shade, it was sweltering and there was not much of a breeze. It was just nice to be reading our books and relaxing as it was nice and peaceful since most people were at work.

This heat wave that England has been having has been fantastic. I don’t remember the last time we had such a nice summer. Really makes you want to get out and about.

We had a table booked for dinner at 6 and wanted to do a little shopping first therefore around 3pm we packed up and headed into own to get som aircon.

The clothes were for Brighton Pride which was the following weekend and I also managed to pick up a few extra bits for myself. Well it was my birthday.

You will note this gets used a lot.

Dinner was at Gordon Ramsey Bread Street Kitchen ( I for one like watching Ramsery on TV. I find him quite entertaining and have always wanted to go to one of his restaurants.

It was everything I had imagined. We started with a great cocktail and then moved to our table. What was nice about this restaurant was that while it was high-end, it was relaxed and the food was amazing. Too many “posh” restaurants in London believe that just because they are expensive and just because famous people go there, they don’t have to try and they make it too formal and skimp on the food quality.

I really wanted the desert therefore I skipped the starter and watched jake eat his. The bread basket was too nice though and I could not stop eating that.

Main was beef Wellington to share. It was full of flavour and we demolished it all. Didn’t need the sides though and Jake paired it with a lovely red wine.IMG-20180726-WA0023

Too stuffed for desert they very kindly brought me a brownie with a candle in it and happy birthday written in chocolate. That’s what I call a great restaurant. Does not cost them anything to do that but the memory and word of mouth recommendation goes a long way.

Thanks Jake for making it a really great birthday. His is in a month. I have a lot to live up to.

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