Monopoly Walk – Day 2 (Saturday 21 July 2018)

And so we begin again, determined to finish the walk this time and not get too smashed doing it. Half a pint in each pub and a nice relaxing day.

Well 1 out of 3 isn’t too bad in the end, is it?

Destination for meeting up was Golden Square which is just behind the pub we finished day 1 just off Regent Street. Not haven eaten though we decided at the last minute to

The Glassblower

change this and meet in the Glassblower pub so we can have food while we wait, oh and a pint…..then a second…..then a third. So the half a pint in each pub is already off to a rocky start.

This pub did serve a purpose though because we realised we had both chance and community chest on day 1 therefore we needed a pub stop to celebrate that.

Our friends family are visiting from the land of Oz so we had dad and cousin along for the ride as well. And they were a great addition to the team.

Across Regent street and down a small ally to Vine street. Not at all what you would expect from a street on the Monopoly board. Unless there are hidden doors down this street like the ones you find on harry potter, there is nothing there. Literally.

Vine Street

Just round the corner though is Piccadilly so another photo-op. Everyone would imagine that it is Piccadilly Circus that is on the board but the street running from Green Park to Piccadilly Circus is actually called Piccadilly.


Across Piccadilly Circus leads to Coventry Street which leads to Leicester Square. Again, walked that street hundreds of times since I have been in London and never knew I was walking part of the board.

We have all spent time in Cafe de Paris at one time or another and since that is on Coventry Street, it seems appropriate for the photo.

Cafe De Paris on Coventry Street

Iconic Leicester Square and then it is another pub. Well its been about 10 minutes and herding this lot is thirsty work so it is in to All Bar One on Leicester Square.

Leicester Square

A couple were taking up an entire table so we decided to linger and take over. Which worked perfectly and we settled in for a relax after the exhausting 10 minutes we had been walking.

Feeling refreshed and it was down to Pall Mall then a quick turn around to Trafalgar Square and what I think is the best photo of the walk.


Down Whitehall, but not as far as Downing Street, with a sharp left turn we come to Northumberland Avenue and then it is another pub stop in The Sherlock Holmes. It was also in here we got my second favourite photo of the walk. The top hat. We did get one photo from the lego store which was great as well so I have included both photos in the album.


It was in here that the first round of shots started. Well it is my birthday celebrations.

Finished in the pub we head to The Strand and a photo outside The Queens Bank (Seem like a good idea for income tax) and then up to Bow Street for the penultimate pub stop. Everyone starts to settle in and it was here that my leadership skills really started to show. Well, if you can call telling all the lazy gits to get up because I can see the finish line leadership skills that is.


On the way to The Strand we are walking down a small ally and someone throws a banana skin which nearly hit us. Jake picks it up, runs after them and gives it back to them and tells them to trow it away properly. Queue round of applause.

Then it is a quick photo-op on Fleet Street and then we finish the walk in The Old Bank of England pub and let chaos commence.IMG_20180721_175538

We completed the walk and thank you to everyone that took part. It was a really good laugh and everyone really got into the spirit of the walk.

29 places on the board visited, 13 additional puts (pieces, cards, shops etc) and 14 pubs to smooth the way.

Pieces – We couldn’t find a thimble but apparently there is a fairy tale about a prince and a thimble and a kiss so there was a reenactment with a glass.


Additional great photos


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