Hampstead Heath ponds (Sunday 15th July 2018)

After dropping mum off at the station we decided to head to Hampstead Heath and enjoy the sunshine.

England does not get that many sunny days and most of the summer is spent with rain. So you have to take advantage when you can.

Apparently London is one of the greenest cities in the world. By green I don’t mean pollution, I mean parks, grasslands, that kind of thing.While we have parks closer to home, and it is quite a mission to get to Hampstead Heath, th local parks dont have ponds that you can swim in. And in London heat, which is sticky, smelly and humid, cool ponds are a must on a hot day.

It helps that there is a men only one which the gays have taken over.

So picnic blankets packed, 750ml vodka and mixers to last the day between three of us, and off we go.

We get to the ponds earlier than most, well it is Sunday and a lot of people who will be coming were out last night and still in bed. And it is a perfect location to spend a lovely sunny day.

Playing cards, swimming, sunbathing, chatting and just general people watching. The only downside was that the 750ml which was supposed to last all day ran out in about 1.5 hours. So a quick trip to the shops to get more and more ice meant that by the time we left, we were pretty happy on life.

Customary KFC to be delivered after a day drinking and in the sun and we hit the hay feeling very relaxed.

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