London Pride (Saturday 30 June 2018)

It is surprising to me how many people outside the gay community do not understand the importance of pride, not only to the gay community, but to the community as a whole.

I wont go into the details of it here but if you want to read about the history of pride, take a look here

For us it is a big party and a time to be who we want to be. In London, we can generally do that each and every day but there are still some areas where we would not hold hands or kiss in public and this is one day when we basically say screw that, we are here and we will be heard.

After the event, one of my colleagues at work said that he was surprised by how little the girls were wearing in the center of town and I simply said, anything goes.

My cousin joined us at the flat for prosecco brunch and then we headed into town. This was her first London pride though she had been to Sydney Mardi Gras. I tried to tell her not to get her hopes up too much as the floats would not be anywhere near as good as they are in Sydney.

We had arranged to meet up with people from Jake’s work and watch the parade together. Since we were not meeting till 12:30, the chances of getting a good spot were non existent. We all stood around chatting however and the drink carried on flowing.

After a brief walk to try and locate a better view, the parade was abandoned and we headed to Golden Square where a drag act was singing. She was actually quite good.

From here we headed into Soho and because we were early(ish), we were able to get into the shops and buy our drinks. They were supposed to last the entire afternoon but suffice to say, there were a few more trips after that.

Soho just turns into one big party at pride. They used to have Soho pride as well, which in my opinion was always better, but they stopped that a few years ago. I understand it was because they couldn’t get a licence for it or something like that.

So cans of vodka in one hand, music in the ears, family and friends all around, we danced the afternoon away. We did try to go down to Trafalgar Square but you couldn’t take drink in and we had bags full of the stuff so we trundled back to Soho for more dancing there.

Considering that most of us said the immortal words “we are not drinking too much”, we were all pretty merry and sitting on the street early evening eating the McDonald’s was a perfect way to end a great day.

Next stop, Brighton pride.

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