Monopoly walk – Day 1 (Saturday 30th June 2018)

One of my earliest memories is playing Monopoly with my family and my grandmother while on holiday somewhere. I don’t remember who won but I remember that the game lasted for hours. I have not really played it much as an adult but since living in London, I have always wanted to walk the real monopoly bard which are the streets of London, for no other reason than to say I have.

I have been planning the route for a few weeks now, checking thrice to make sure that all the locations are included (be a bitch to get totthe end and realise that one was missing) and arranging for places to stop for a beer on the way. Oh yes, did I forget to mention, we  meand planned to do this as a pub crawl.

I know of some online posts where you stop at each location but itiwas quickly decided that would be carnage so settled for stopping at a pub once we have a set (three red or two brown etc). When you include the cards, stations, pieces and utilities, that still added up to 14 pub stops.

In addition to the planned route of the board locations around london, we were all to keep our eye’s open for representatives of:

  • Community chest
  • Chance
  • Income tax
  • Super income tax
  • Go
  • Thimble
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Boot
  • Dog
  • Old Car
  • Iron
  • Top Hat
  • Battleship

10am, we met at the best cafe I could find on Old Kent Road called Roberto’s Cafe. Anyone that knows this area, you don’t expect much but from the pictures, I was hopeful we wouldn’t die from food poisoning. And I was right. Reasonable quality at a really good price, and we had lots of entertainment from the owner. I cannot repeat most of the jokes he was telling on here but lets just say he was quite a character.

Old Kent Road

The reason for starting on Old Kent Road was so that we finished in town, and we really didn’t want to be around this area at the end.IMG-20180630-WA0003

From there we walked across Tower Bridge to the Tower of London but along the way, we came across a random tank. We know it isn’t on the board but we just could not resist a good photo-op.

So, Tower of London and we are starting to feel like we are back in civilisation again.

Just visiting (jail)


From here it is a short walk around the back of the tower, under the road and we get to Fenchurch Street Station. I also realise at this point how much alcohol is going to be consumed during the day. People are already gagging for a pub.

Fenchurch Street Station

Luckily for all, Whitechapel Road is just around the corner so within 5 minutes we were having our first, civilised, pint of the day.




From here, it was another short walk to Liverpool Street Station where we picked up a straggler.

Liverpool Street Station

It was about 1.3 miles to the next point of interest therefore we decided to catch the number 205 bus to Angel. The bus followed the same path we would have walked therefore in effect we still went along the board, it just cut off a long, potentially boring section of the walk.

The Angel

There is a Weatherspoons pub at Angel called The Angel. The original was knocked down but this is on the same grounds therefore tick.

And again, people are starting to get thirsty. It is something like 28 degrees and luckily the next pub stop

Pentonville Road


Euston Road

is about a 10 minute walk away. But not before we go down Pentonville Road, past Kings Cross Station and walk along Euston Road.

Kings Cross Station


I located a company online which I thought would represent Waterworks well however unfortunately it was not there. We therefore had to settle for a water hydrant.



Electric Company

Thankfully though the Electricity Company I found online was there so yes, that’s another set and time for another drink.

Unfortunately this is where things started to go downhill. We decided to have lunch in the next pub and then someone made the great idea to start on the shots. Lets just say there is not a photo of us coming out this pub, though everyone was a lot more energised and chatty. Oh and a lot more faffy.

Marylebone Station

Up the road, round the corner and you are ar Marylebone Station. And time for another pub. They start to get a little quicker coming now.

Oxford Street

We now start to head in to the centre of town a little and cross Oxford Street. And then it is down to the expensive properties on the board, Park Land and Mayfair. We are due a pub break in Mayfair but we didn’t believe we would be able to afford any drinks in

Park Lane

there. We were actually wrong and found a quaint little pub down a backstreet. You might have noticed that there are no photos of the pubs any more and I have no idea what it was called (Google timeline has let me down. I apparently sat at home all day according to Google).


We did walk along Bond Street but we actually forgot to get a photo of it. Next time I am in the area, I will grab a quick photo of the street.

Across Regent street and we get to Great Marlborough Street (there

isn’t a Marlborough Street anymore).

Marlborough Street

And then obviously, Regent Streets also on the board.

Regent Street


Not sure what the policy is for taking photos outside a police station, but we didn’t get too close anyway just in case.

Go to jail


It was now time for another drink however we decided to stay in that pub and finish the walk off another time. We had now been on the go for about six hours and there was a good couple of hours and probably nine pubs ahead of us.

Of the additional bits we needed to get, we got 7 out of 14. Unusually we didn’t get a dog though.







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