Dreamgirls (Thursday 14th June 2018)

Mum coming to visit us here in London usually means a show. Problem is she has been coming to london for 15 years now so the only shows that are left that are worth seeing are the really expensive ones. So when you get a 50% off for Dreamgirls (https://dreamgirlswestend.com), a show that Jake has been dying to see for a while now, you just have to jump at the chance.

Problem is, I booked them for June however mum is visiting in July. I also booked the train tickets for her for the wrong weekend but that’s another story.

We were not going to get our money back so we decided to still go and choose a different show to take mum to in July. Luckily our housemate Lee hadn’t seen it either so problem sorted.

We started off the evening at Tuttons in Covent Garden (https://www.tuttons.com) but it wasnt till after I had booked that I realised I have been here a few times before. Good food and cocktails, even better with tastecard discount on the food, it was a really nice way to start the evening.

I don’t really know much about the show. Actually I didn’t know anything about it which can be nice because there are no expectations. Unfortunately from the opening ac, I was less than impressed. Dont get me wrong, the singing was amazing and the fast pace of the show really kept me engaged but the dancing, I have seen people on day one of a dance class be more in sync than any of these dancers were. The Dreamgirls might have had the voice of dreams, but they had the moves of nightmares.

Maybe it was a new cast who were still finding their bond; maybe we got the B team, maybe they had been out the night before and were still feeling the effects? Or maybe 50% of ticket price seems about right because we got the voices but we didn’t get the groove.

It is something that I really look out for in any type of show that features dancing. If you are professionals or wannabe’s, get in sync. I listen to the words yes, but I remember the dancing. I want to be able to leave saying wow, did you see how well they worked together. There was definitely none of that praise on Thursday. Even their hips were swaying at different rhythms, one of the Dreamgirls was waving arms left while the other was going right

Lets hope Kinkyboots will be better when we actually see that with mum next month. Hopefully we get the A team


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