Ryanair or Ryan no care? (Friday 8th June 2018)

Jake working in Germany for the past few weeks and traveling home for the weekend has meant that he has had to do a lot of traveling. Anyone that does this kind of thing regularly will understand how exhausting this can be. There is no routine, long hours and lots of delayed flights.

So when I was asked if I wanted to fly out there for the weekend instead of him coming back to London, I thought it was a great idea. I can take some of the stress away from him. That was the plan anyay.

Flights booked and car for the weekend reserved, I headed off to Stanstead airport to wait for my flight.

I am not the best flyer in the world. When I am up there, I actually quite enjoy it but my mind always races just before takeoff as to whether this will be my final flight. When there is a delay to the flight, and I am sitting having a nice IPA with my fried breakfast, the beer helps with the nerves. Is there something wrong with the plane? Is this a sign? Time for another beer.

It’s at that point that I realise that I lost my engagement ring going through security. Thank you to everyone since who has told me that I don’t need to take rings off. Big help after the fact. The lady on the phone from lost property seemed hopeful however. A least it is taking my mind off the delay.

Queuing up, videos help with the nerves. Boarding time, take my seat and continue with the videos. I can do this. Actually, I realise that I am not as nervous as I used to be. Maybe I am getting over the fear of takeoff. Well I wont find out if that’s true this flight because the flight never took off.

After waiting on the plane for about 30 minutes, they advise that we missed our slot and the next slot is 1 hour 10 minutes away. Everyone gets loud and grump but actually everyone accepts this and just get on with doing nothing while we ait to take off. At least we will be taking off. The next announcement from the captain however, advises that Ryanair have decided to cancel the flight. There was lots of talk about the reasons why, most of it speculation I think and we will probably never know the truth. Either way, not flying to meet Jake tonight.

Change flights or refund. The online option to change flights didn’t work so I would have to talk to customer services. Since I was one of the last off the plane, that’s looking unlikely. Then having to wait for an hour for my luggage, which no one was able to advise why, meant that I was at the back of a 3 hour queue to change flights.

It’s at this point I gave up and resigned myself to the fact that I would not be going and hit the refund button on the email.

Being at home I have options to fill in the weekend. Unfortunately I had all Jake’s weekend clothes in my luggage and I was the one bringing the car so he doesn’t have much to do. So instead of releaving the stress, this misfortune has probably added to it.

I have never expected a lot from Ryanair but I have always expected them to fly. Guess I need to remove that final expectation from them now as well. So the only remaining expectation is to not expect much.

Will I fly with them again? Problem is they are cheap and if it wasnt for that, I never would have been trying to go in the first place. Should we therefore expect cheap service? Probably. Does it piss me off? Most definitely

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