Ales Tales festival (Saturday 2nd June 2018)

Having discovered ale a few years ago, I have been lucky to have a few friends that have enjoyed experiencing the vast array of ales that there is to drink. Initially Jake was very sceptical, Carlsberg was his drink, but double dating with friends, he has started to love it as much as me. And it is a love. I really can’t stand the taste of lager any more. It is just so boring.

I am definitely a blond beer and ale drinker and Jake is a coffee porter and sour beer. Jake hates ale and I hate sour though I do like a nice coffee porter every now and then. Every now and then because the last one I had was £13 a can.

Anyway, every year across England there are loads of beer and ale festivals. I have never 20180602_180600had the opportunity to go to one because I have always found out too late or, we are busy with something else. That is until I saw Ales Tales ( advertised we few months ago and we got tickets.

£35 each a ticket could be seen as quite pricy however for that you got a free beer tasting glass and access to over 20 stands serving around 4 different beers, ales, sours or porters each. There was also a Belgum band playing later in the evening.

We had 13 different beers each ranging in taste and strength, with our final beer of the evening being an 11% quadruple beer. I have had triples before but never a quadruple.

IMG_20180602_184233For a festival as well, the food was amazing. They had arranged for a proper Belgium chef to attend and cook the food. It was festival prices but restaurant quality. The stew was amazing

Whats even more amazing about the night was we got chatting to the organiser. He was just asking whether we were enjoying it or not and recommending beers and then he started talking about how he was he organiser. He works in a bank full-time and organised this whole event in his personal time.

Amazing what you can do when you have a passion. He did a great job and everyone looked to be having a good time.

IMG_20180602_203246We were in our element. Finishing a tasting beer which was between 100ml and 200ml and looking through the programme and choosing our next. It was a great sunny evening so we also got to sit outside, working on our tan while enjoying our beer.

Purchasing beers on the way out, we thought we had spent a fortune so we stopped. It came to £20. We wish we had gone back for more.

Amazing evening. You can see photos of all the beers below.

Festival photos

Beer photos

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