Cricket @ Lord’s, followed by 1 or 2 leomanade’s (Sunday 27 May 2018)

For quite a while now, Jake and his family have been trying to explain to me the rules of cricket. I simply just don’t get it but when Jake asked if I wanted to join him at Lord’s, I said yes. Would be interesting to understand what it is all about.

Day 4 of the 5 day open, we arrived at Lord’s, beers in hand, and ready for all-weather.


The weatherman had promised massive thunderstorms throughout the weekend and we were not sure how much cricket we would get to see if play had to stop.

Well in the end, the weather was beautiful, though we still didn’t get to see much cricket. England did pathetic in the first half hour and lost their final 4 batters which meant that Pakistan only needed about 65 runs to win. And win they did after only 90 minutes. So a day at the cricket turned out to be 90 minutes at the cricket.

Shame because I was actually enjoying myself. It helped that two, very pretentious young men who were dressed very smartly had tomato ketchup accidently thrown all over them. They were not impressed but we could not stop laughing. Karma its great.


Instead of going home, we went to Mother Kelly’s ( and drank some really nice beers and played cards against humanity. Lets just say the rest of the night is a little bit of a blur. In the evening,while siting on the balcony, the heavens opened and we were treated to a great thunderstorm.

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